Time for some 2022 reflections

Photo Collage of Stroll walking tours guides hosting groups of people on history and art walking tours in 2022 .

Each year, I take time to reflect on the wins, choices, decisions, flops, missteps and adjustments. 2022 had ALL of them and I plan to use them for learning, growth and change. 

Well, 129 Strolls & 1105 guests is a big reason for gratitude, joy and the need for rest… and to catch my breath! 129 strolls is just over double the number we hosted in 2021. 1105 guests is 3.5x more than 2021!!

As the world re-opened more completely in 2022, things were far from normal in the tourism and travel industry. I just didn’t know what to expect from the year. So, I gave myself permission to experiment and try EVERYTHING to see what worked, what didn’t, what patterns emerged, etc, etc, etc. It felt like the first year of business all over again. 

EXPERIMENT – 2022 word of the year!

Now, it’s time to reflect on those experiments.

When I look back on the past year, here’s what stands out the most…  YOU! 

You and your support, curiosity, questions, feedback, reviews, collaborations, connections and referrals! Honestly, Stroll couldn’t be what it is without you!! 

2022 Reflections

Here’s my Top Ten list of amazing Stroll adventures from 2022 (in no particular order) 

4 Stroll Walking Tour guests on the Cambridge Mural Tour where we met the artist Mediah painting a new mural in an alley.
Cambridge Mural Tour where we met the artist Mediah, working on his new mural for The Galtway!

A few more 2022 reflections

Ok, okay… that’s more than 10, I know, but there were so many wonderful moments that I could easily do a Top 22 list! I’ll add just a few more.

All this to say, THANK YOU for being such amazing guests and participants on our 129 walking tours this year. I can’t wait to host you all again in 2023.

4 Stroll Walking Tour guests enjoying ice cream after a hot August afternoon tour in Cambridge.