Historic St. Jacobs Walking Tour launches in the Village of St. Jacobs

An historic red brick flour mill in St Jacobs Ontario. It has painted letting on the front of the building that says Snider Flour Milling Co.

Stroll Walking Tours has partnered with the Village of St Jacobs BIA to bring you Historic St. Jacobs, a brand new walking tour!

St. Jacobs might look like a town frozen in time, but this village blends the modern and traditional, staying connected to its roots.

This town has made a big name for itself, and the story is best told through intriguing local tales: the milling company that pioneered new technology in 1875; the early schoolteacher from Sierra Leone, the woman whose love for books built the library; the horse that delivered the mail for decades and a hardware store that became a nation-wide company.

Our 75-90 minute guided walking tour is led by locals who know the town best. You will leave feeling happier, healthier and smarter! Or maybe you won’t want to leave!

W H E N:  Every Thursday (2:30pm) & Sunday (11:30am) until early December
F I R S T  D A T E S:  Thursday October 21 & Sunday October 24, 2021 

Sign up for prescheduled dates as individuals, pairs, couples and small groups – no need for private, pre-arranged tours! Perfect for when friends and family come to visit! Or when you just need a day out in the Village of St. Jacobs. 

W H Y  S T. J A C O B S ? This village beside the Conestogo River has been evolving for over 200 hundred years. From Indigenous lands to settler pioneers to small village to major tourist destination, St. Jacobs might look like a town frozen in time, but its history tells another tale. This small village blends the modern and traditional but always stays connected to its roots.

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Juanita Metzger, the owner of Stroll Walking Tours, researched and designed this waling tours. Just like all our tours, this walk is led by St. Jacobs locals and those who know the village best! We want you to have the best possible experience, which means having authentic guides who know so much more than a script! 

A walking tour group of 30 people stands in front of the red brick flour mill in St Jacobs.

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