Cambridge Mural Tour – A brand new Stroll!

Bear Mural by Sonny Behan

I can’t wait to host you on our first guided mural tour in Downtown Cambridge!

There is so much for you to see on this mural walking tour: international artists, local artists, an early effort at a street art festival, old ghost signs, fresh new work and all the stories to go with it. As we stroll, we’ll explore the question: What do murals and street art contribute to a downtown or public space? What does it way about a city of community that invests in murals? 

I can’t wait for the conversation since I alway say, “art is meant to be discussed”! 
This walking tour has public dates available on Wednesdays & Saturdays from mid-August until the end of September.

Grab you friends, neighbours, colleagues & join the Stroll crew!

The Cambridge Mural Tour is offered in partnership with the Downtown Cambridge BIA and there just might be a few goodies to share on behalf of the BIA and the Downtown Cambridge shops!

Street Art from 2016 featured on then Cambridge Mural Tour
This mural from 2016 has a GREAT back story which we share on the Cambridge Walking Tour!
Mural painted by Sonny in 2017, Downtown Cambridge.
People watch Sonny work on his mural ‘Kicking Up Dust’ in 2017, Downtown Cambridge