‘Busy Berlin’ to Tech Corridor Learning Resources

If you recently attend our “Busy Berlin to Tech Corridor” walking tour you might be interested in these learning resources for a deep dive into the industrial history and innovation of early Berlin, Ontario. Mary Sehl, researcher and guide for the Busy Berlin walking tour, used many of these resources when developing the walk.

Industry Clusters

Porter, Michael E. (1990). The competitive advantage of nations. London: Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation.

General History of Berlin, now Kitchener (Ontario!)

Kaufman Footwear, Kaufman Family & Home

Land Tannery Buildings and 20 Linden Avenue

Arthur Place residential Properties and 13-15 Oak Street

Woelfle Shoe and Huck Glove

Berlin Interior Hardwood

Rumpel Felt

Merchants Rubber

Region of Waterloo Hall of Fame

Curious about the industrial machinery sculptures?

Industrial Artifacts Project by Nicholas Rees

“The Kitchener Industrial Artifacts Project, is a collection of artifacts from Kitchener and Waterloo’s industrial past. The project was started by local artist Nicholas Rees in 1996 near the end of Kitchener’s time as a centre of production. Rees collected machinery and tools from factories after they shut down operations. In collaboration with the city of Kitchener, Rees has preserved many of the artifacts as installations around the city. The city maintains a collection of over 100 artifacts. You can download a self-guided tour of the artifacts here.”

The Industrial Artifacts can be found in the following locations:

1) Punch PressKing St. West at Francis St., Kitchener
2) Steam EngineKitchener City Hall Atrium, 2nd floor 200 King St. West, Kitchener
3) Hydroelectric GovernorKitchener City Hall Atrium, 2nd floor 200 King St. West, Kitchener
4) Huether Brewery Vat DoorsKitchener City Hall Atrium, 2nd floor 200 King St. West, Kitchener
5) Puritan Sewing MachineKitchener City Hall CAO Lobby, 2nd floor
6) Drill Press: Registry Theatre122 Frederick St., Kitchener
7) Planet Sole RounderGlobe Studios
8) Compression Transfer PressMike Wagner Green, Mill St, Iron Horse Trail at Peter St., Kitchener
9) Trueing FixtureIron Horse Trail at Mill Street, Kitchener
10) Bull GearIron Horse Trail at Cherry Street, Kitchener
11) Clemmer Industries Punch PressIron Horse Trail at John Street, Waterloo
12) Industrial Fire ExtinguisherForest Heights Community Centre and Fire Hall,  1700 Queens Blvd. , Kitchener