Dog Friendly KW Podcast for travel talk with Juanita Metzger

Podcast promo logo for hyperlocal and dog friendly travel.

Such a pleasure to join the Dog Friendly KW podcast for a chat about dog friendly travel!

More and more, people travel with their pets as a member of the family. People and their pets have become a huge market in the travel industry. Most travellers have come to expect that companies give some consideration to dog friendly travel. Even at Stroll, guests often ask, “can I bring my dog on a Stroll walking tour?”

Having awesome adventures with your pup doesn’t have to involve lots of travel. In fact, sometimes you can find the perfect pooch paradise right in your own backyard.

In this short interview, Juanita Metzger of Stroll Walking Tours, talks with DFKW hosts Justine and Kenz about all things hyperlocal travel. We talk about the concept of hyperlocal travel and why it’s so popular here in Canada and around the world.

At the end, we discuss great, dog-friendly places in Waterloo Region and talk about why it’s sometimes better to keep your dog a little closer to home. Hyperlocal travel just might be a great fit when travelling with your pet.

Dog Friendly Business Policies

Every business needs a clear dog policy. Guests need to know if or when pets are welcome and how to book an experience or service where pets are involved.

Stroll Walking Tours developed a dog policy to make space for more people joining our tours.

  1. Service dogs ALWAYS welcome! ⁠
  2. Otherwise, dogs are not permitted on our public registration walking tours. (not all our guides or other participants are cool with dogs, the risk of disruptive interaction between dogs, traffic distractions, close quarters, etc.) ⁠
  3. Stroll permits dogs in private group bookings, provided the guide for your particular walk is OK with dogs & where your family/friends know there will be a dog present! ⁠
  4. We know you LOVE to walk with your pooches so Stroll has some dog friendly walks!! ⁠
  5. If you plan to participate in our dog friendly walks, here’s what you need to know to decide whether this activity is for you & your dog at this time.