Berlin's Great War Stories

The Great War ended over 100 years ago in 1918, and was an event that significantly impacted the lives of people living in Berlin, Ontario, which would change it’s city name to Kitchener in the middle of it all.

Learn about World War One through a wide range of stories and people: those who fought bravely and those who bravely refused to fight; some who volunteered and others forced to enlist; others who tried to enlist but were refused; as well as the many women who contributed on the ‘home front.’ Walk through Berlin’s tumultuous four years of war and engage with some lesser-known people and stories from Kitchener’s past.

Location: Downtown Kitchener
Duration: 75 minutes
Distance Covered: 1.8 km
Availability: Back in Spring 2022!
Accessibility: Walk follows city sidewalks and route is adapted around construction.

Good to know:

  • We walk rain or shine
  • This walk begins in front of TheMuseum. It ends nearby, at Speakers’ Corner at King and Benton.
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