Murals & the Outdoor Gallery

Street art in the alleys and side streets of Downtown Kitchener illustrate the diverse creativity of this downtown core.


Our mural walking tour in Downtown Kitchener is the perfect way to discover street art, often hidden in plain sight, that brings joy, surprise and reflection in a brick and concrete streetscape. On this mural walking tour we’ll find the oldest and the newest murals, the smallest and the biggest, along with the most subdued and ‘brighten-your-day-colourful’ murals in the Downtown Kitchener core.

With over 40+ works of art in the outdoor gallery of Downtown Kitchener, I guarantee that I can surprise you with something you’ve never seen before.

We’ll visit murals created by local and international artists and you will quickly find your favourites!

Led by: Juanita Metzger

Accessibility: Route follows paved surfaces on main city streets and alleyways. Accessible for scooters & wheelchair

Kitchener Mural Walking Tour Details

Of course, we have the obligatory Liability Waiver and Release form that must be signed by each person in advance of joining the walk.  Why a waiver for a walking tour, you ask? Couldn’t get insurance without it. Stroll pays insurance… you sign the waiver. 

A sense of curiosity, a few questions and a willingness to learn something you didn’t know before.

Of course, dress for the weather; bring a hat, water bottle, umbrella, solid walking shoes (no flip flops!) and anything else you need to be comfortable on the walk. 

We walk rain or shine or snow! 

However, we do heed storm watches and warnings and would never put you in danger. Stroll may cancel and reschedule a walk due to an issued weather advisory. 

We don’t make scheduled bathroom breaks along the walking route. Please attend to personal needs before or after the walking tour. 

Twice a year Stroll hosts a series of public walking tours in the spring and fall. Make sure you are on the Stroll newsletter list so you know when they are available! 

Absolutely! The walking tour guides have chosen routes with the best possible accessibility in order to accommodate as many people as possible. However, construction happens and we do our best to re-route safely.

If you have any questions about the accessibility of a specific walk, please contact us in advance of booking. 

We’ll say it again… Always arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time! If you arrive exactly at departure time, you’re already late! If you arrive really late, your walking tour will likely be shorter than you planned for. 

Public Tours: We start on time so you might miss the introduction. If you’re really late, you might miss the tour if we’ve already moved on. 

We know you’re a curious bunch so we’ve been preparing blog posts with additional resources from many of the walking tours. Happy reading!

Learned about all the beautiful murals I see on a daily basis, and discovered some new ones! Juanita was super knowledgeable and accommodating to our schedule. We had a lovely time and would recommend!
Milena L.
We did the Art Mural walk with our grandkids. It was an excellent tour and our guide was very engaging with the kids! The kids enjoyed the tour as well!
Sue S.