Berlin Ablaze!

Fires have the power to shape a city’s history and development in dramatic ways. Our early city of Berlin, and present-day Kitchener, suffered fires that destroyed barns, several hotels, an auditorium, a church, and one that destroyed almost an entire block!

Hear about Kitchener’s most famous fire, its most damaging fire, narrow escapes, the history of firefighting, and some stories of those who fought the fires.

Back in Spring/Summer 2023! 
By private group request 

Location: Downtown Kitchener
Duration: 75 minutes
Distance Covered: 1.7 km
Accessibility: The walk follows city sidewalks and the route is adapted around construction.

Good to know:

  • We walk rain or shine
  • The walk begins in front of The Museum and ends just one block east, very nearby.
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