A Community Affair: Berlin's Civic History


Back in Spring/Summer 2023!
By  private group request

Price: $30/person (+ booking fee $1.80)

Duration: 90 minutes

Meeting Location: Civic Park, opposite Centre in the Square.

Distance Covered: 1.9 km
It ends at the County Gaol at Queen & Weber Streets.

Led by: Todd Bowman

Accessibility: Route follows paved surfaces on city sidewaalks. Accessible for scooters & wheelchairs.

Kitchener wasn’t always Kitchener. It grew from one of many small settlements, to Berlin, to Kitchener in 1916, to become the largest city in Waterloo Region today.

The evolution of its local government, city halls (yes, more than one!) courts, school and public institutions are best learned through intriguing local stories: the city’s Carnegie library and its first librarian; the teacher who died while marking; the wealthy landowner who made a significant land donation; a man accused of murdering his wife, and a woman accused of poisoning her husband; and Berlin’s 3 hangings!

Historic Kitchener Walking Tour Details

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance
  • Maximum 20 people per walk
  • This walk begins at Civic Park & end three blocks away at the County Gaol (Queen & Weber Street)
  • This walk contains historical accounts of domestic  and family violence
  • We walk rain or shine or snow so dress for the weather! If it looks like rain, bring an umbrella. If it’s cold, wear a few extra layers.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes (i.e. no flip flops!)
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes in advance to check in. If you arrive exactly when the walk starts, you’re already late!
  • Our walking tours are face mask friendly – even though our walking tours are entirely outdoors, some guests may feel most comfortable wearing a mask – and we respect that!
    A wonderful experience. A great way to connect with friends while learning fascinating history. Just the right amount of walking. The guide was knowledgeable, friendly, and very open to conversation/digression, but still kept on track. We would definitely do this again.
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