Brewers, Taverns, Saloons & Hotels: Drinking in Berlin's History


Back in Spring/Summer 2023!
Or private group request

Price: $25/person (+ booking fee $1.50)

Duration: 60 – 70 minutes

Meeting Location: The Museum, 10 King Street West

Distance Covered: 1.5  km

Led by: Todd Bowman

Accessibility: Route follows paved surfaces on city sidewaalks. Accessible for scooters & wheelchairs. Route is adapted around construction. 

A walk through downtown Kitchener reveals the locations and names behind the city’s earliest breweries and establishments where people gathered to socialize over a drink.

Discover the stories of the prohibition era, the brewery that made Canada’s first lager and accusations of tax evasion against local brewers that threatened the whole industry!

**Can be extended to include smoking and cigar shops/makers on a 90 minute walking tour.

Drinking in Berlin Walking Tour Details

  • Tickets must be purchased in advance
  • Maximum 20 people per walk
  • This walk begins at THEMUSEUM on King Street West. It ends a short distance west in front of Bobby O’Brien’s.
  • We walk rain or shine or snow so dress for the weather! If it looks like rain, bring an umbrella. If it’s cold, wear a few extra layers.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes (i.e. no flip flops!)
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes in advance to check in. If you arrive exactly when the walk starts, you’re already late!
  • Our walking tours are face mask friendly – even though our walking tours are entirely outdoors, some guests may feel most comfortable wearing a mask – and we respect that!
    A wonderful experience. A great way to connect with friends while learning fascinating history. Just the right amount of walking. The guide was knowledgeable, friendly, and very open to conversation/digression, but still kept on track. We would definitely do this again.
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