Murals & the Outdoor Gallery

Street art, often hidden in plain sight, brings joy, surprise and reflection in a brick and concrete streetscape. On this mural walking tour we’ll find the oldest and the newest murals, the smallest and the biggest, along with the most subdued and ‘brighten-your-day-colourful’ murals in the downtown Kitchener core.

We’ll visit murals created by local and international artists. You will quickly find your favourites!

Location: Downtown Kitchener (DTK)
Duration: 90 minutes (longer if reguested)
Availability: Year round (week days, evenings and weekends)
Accessibility: Great accessibility. Walk follows city sidewalks and route is adapted around construction.
Distance Covered: 2 km

Good to know:

  • You can expect to see 10-15 murals depending on how long you want the tour to be.
  • We walk rain or shine
  • The walk ends at the same location as the beginning
  • If you are really into murals, there is a second loop of murals in the east end of downtown Kitchener just a short walk away
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